Neuron Officially Launches its Building Digitalisation Offering in Hong Kong

Sep 6, 2023 | Hong Kong

Neuron Officially Launches its Building Digitalisation Offering in Hong Kong – Providing Hope to Building Owners and Managers Looking for Real (Estate) Change

Neuron Digital Group, which is offering an AI-supported ‘Digital Brain for Smart Buildings’, has now officially launched its full suite of digitalisation products and services for the built environment. With Neuron solutions installed, old and new buildings will experience cost savings, increased occupant comfort, reduced carbon footprint and improved ESG reporting. Neuron is positioned to be the ‘Digital Transformer of the Built Environment’!

Real estate is one of the least digitalised sectors in the world, leaving a lot of room for improvement. Increasingly, building owners and managers realise they need digital transformation to stay competitive, by achieving both cost savings and user satisfaction, while pursuing aggressive decarbonisation objectives.

After 18 months of development, Neuron Digital Group now offers a full-stack digital product optimised for the most advanced Smart Buildings. The technology is based on an open cloud-based integrated platform with modular offerings on IoT neural networks, energy optimisation, digital twin modelling, asset management and ESG reporting. The Neuron solutions and packaged products will enable buildings, old and new, to undergo digital transformation at their own pace and at affordable costs.

Fast Expansion to More Than 100 Buildings in Hong Kong

The award-winning company, which is a joint venture between Arup, a world-leading consulting firm for the built environment, and Venturous Group, the Citytech™ Group, has gained momentum in meeting Hong Kong’s pent-up building digitalisation demand. Since the beginning of this year, it has quickly grown its customer base, and significantly increased the number of Neuron-powered buildings and IoT devices installed.

The basic, yet unique, premise behind Neuron’s market share is its approach to data and technology. It represents the new generation of property technology, offering its users:

  • Open platform
  • Open data
  • Open application
  • Open analytics

A case in point would be one of its first landmark projects in Quarry Bay – Hong Kong’s first AI-controlled buildings. Neuron was the Smart Building consultant and implementer of the digital platform to enable BIM Asset Management, big data analysis and AI model development for energy savings and predictive maintenance.

Smart Building Certification? Talk to Neuron!

In the area of Smart Building certification, the Neuron platform has taken the market by storm as many clients have successfully obtained a platinum Smart Building certification in Hong Kong, such as the SmartScore certification. The process is made so easy by the use of a Smart Building Platform like Neuron. That is no mean feat for a certification in such a high regard and demand.

The company is focused on capturing the Hong Kong market, but discussions are already ongoing with interested parties in mainland China, Singapore, Thailand, Japan and other countries. The market potential is significant since the Neuron platform can be applied to all commercial, industrial and government real estate sectors, be it office buildings, industrial buildings, hospitals, schools, theme parks and infrastructure projects.

A Landmark Official Launch Event

At a recent launch event in Hong Kong, more than 150 people had gathered to celebrate Neuron’s launch. They also experienced the latest offerings from Neuron first hand. Many of the city’s real estate players were there to find out how Neuron can help in their digital transformation.

Mr Thomas Pang, acting CEO of Neuron Digital Group, says, “The digitalisation of the built environment will benefit all of us. After having been successfully incubated by Arup for prestigious property developers, Neuron managed to shift its focus towards servicing the entire building spectrum. Neuron will contribute to “making our land greener” by further developing innovative products and working with diverse property market participants. I would like to thank both of Neuron’s ‘parents’ – Arup and Venturous Group – for their vision, know-how and support with their brand names, prestigious clientele, and technological, management and financial resources.

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BIM Automation Arena Honourable Mention Recogonition

BIM Automation Arena Honourable Mention Recogonition

BIM Automation Arena Honourable Mention Recognition

We are thrilled to annouce that Neuron has been awarded the BIM Automation Arena Honourable Mention Recognition in the Software Application (SaaS) category! This prestigious award recognies our ongoing commitment to innovation and excelence in smart building technologies.

At Neuron, we’re passionate about using technology to create more efficient, sustainable, and user-friendly spaces. Our digital twin technology, which allows us to create virtual replicas of buildings and use real-time data to optimize their performance, is just one example of the cutting-edge solutions we’re developing to transform the built environment.

Thank you to BIM Automation Arena for this recognition, and congratulations to all the other winners and finalists. We’re excited to be part of such a dynamic and innovative community!

Mar 31, 2023 | Hong Kong

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Becoming a member of the Business Environment Council

Becoming a member of the Business Environment Council

Becoming a memeber of the Business Environemnt Council (BEC)

Neuron has become a member of the Business Environment Council (BEC). We were pleased to attend the membership certificate presentation ceremony. Such a fruitful conversation with the CEO Simon Ng.

Sustainability has become an important strategic consideration for enterprises, and technology is an indispensable part. We look forward to working closer with BEC in the future. 

Jan 19, 2023 | Hong Kong

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Integrity Labs Limited (i-LABS) Workshop

Integrity Labs Limited (i-LABS) Workshop

i-LABS Workshop

Thank you for inviting us to join the Integrity Labs Limited i-LABS Workshop as a guest speaker to share our Neuron Platform with the audience. The biggest challenge of hotel and property management must be the increased cost, especially generated by electricity consumption. Indeed, electricity is a must-have component in daily operations which cannot eliminate. Therefore, Neuron Platform is now to address this problem by leveraging our AI technologies.

Jan 17, 2023 | Hong Kong

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Strategic Partnership with Cisco

Strategic Partnership with Cisco

Establishment of a Strategic Partnesehip with Cisco

Neuron established a strategic partnership with Cisco to further facilitate smart buildings in Hong Kong. Neuron’s open cloud platform, with the advanced sensors from Cisco, provide accurate insights to the building operators and eventually enhance the property management industry workflow.
Read the Press Release for details:

Jan 13, 2023 | Hong Kong

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