metaBIM ・Assistant in the Construction Industry

A Convenient Digital Tool to Provide Various on Different Stages in Construction

metaBIM is suitable for

  • Architects
  • Engineers
  • Designers

The construction industry enables to use metaBIM from design, pre-construction, procurement construction and post-construction stages.

Combination of virtual BIM model and real built environment

Design & Construction

Build the future with BIM precision

Construction site, interior and landscape design work can be easily done with different functions in metaBIM.

Inspection & Acceptance

Ensure the accuracy of the work

Providing a 1:1 scale BIM model enables for comparison between the model to the actual progress, ensuring the accuracy of the construction work and reducing errors that may occur during the inspection process.

Operation & Maintenance

Visualize building system seamlessly

With the ability to blend BIM models with the physical environment, to facilitate the seamless visualization of various building systems and components, providing facility managers and maintenance personnel to carry out their tasks with enhanced efficiency.


The combination of a virtual BIM model and a real built environmen

The metaBIM is used to facilitate higher working efficiency for designers, engineers, and other professionals in the building industry.