Bring virtual BIM into reality

Combining the virtual BIM vision with physical building sites

for instant visualization, observation and measurements.

A Digital Tool Across The Building’s Lifecycle

It is time to change the entire lifecycle of the build environment.

Digital Experience

Provides a seamless digital experience for designing, simulating, and managing construction projects, empowering users to visualize, collaborate, and optimize workflows for better project outcomes.

Design Collaboration

Design collaboration with BIM involves multiple stakeholders working together on a single, shared 3D model to streamline communication, reduce errors, and improve decision-making throughout the construction process.

construction monitoring

Construction monitoring with BIM involves using 3D models to track and analyze project data in real-time, optimizing workflows and ensuring timely project delivery while reducing errors and improving communication.

Quick render time

Quickly generate high-quality renderings of a building model using computer software, enabling architects and designers to make informed decisions during the design process.

Combination of virtual BIM model and real built environment

metaBIM · Better and faster model conversion

Few AR apps currently support users to prompt and speedy upload their own models. Even though those support this function may take days to update the BIM model. Now, using the metaBIM, the model updates can be completed in a matter of hours for navigation, not days.

metaBIM · Snapshot at your convenience

The screenshot function allows users to capture any corner of the model at any time. Users can sketch on the picture and make remarks. Give, or add users tags to categorize their screenshots.

metaBIM · Combine the BIM model with reality

As long as the user places 2 points on display for positioning, the BIM model pops up and blends into the live environment at a 1:1 scale. Users can move around with the device and get a 360-degree view of the model.


The combination of a virtual BIM model and a real built environment.

The metaBIM is used to facilitate higher working efficiency for designers, engineers, and other professionals in the building industry.