Is Hong Kong that “Smart” ?

The Pearl of the Orient, Hong Kong, has more skyscrapers than any other city in the world.  It is one of the most attractive places for senior executives of multinational corporates.  Mongkok in the heart of Kowloon, is the most populated district in the world.  Over 200,000 occupants of coffin cubicles are living in sub-standard conditions.  This mix of top tier buildings with the most rundown cubicle apartment blocks makes the process of migrating Hong Kong towards a Smart Building very challenging.  What is Hong Kong doing to address the environmental issues?

As a signatory of the Paris Agreement, Hong Kong has committed to decarbonizing continuously and eventually achieving carbon neutrality by 2050. In response to the Agreement, the Government launched a climate action plan. “Energy saving and green buildings” is one of the major strategies to reduce building electricity consumption and improve buildings’ energy efficiency. The high density of skyscrapers is the signature of Hong Kong which are also the root of pollution in Hong Kong. The buildings are accounted for more than 90% of energy consumption and they release 60% of greenhouse gas in Hong Kong. Among them, more than half of the energy consumed by commercial and industrial buildings is used in air conditioning. There is a lot Hong Kong can do by way curtailing building energy consumption to keep pace with the global drive toward green and sustainable buildings.

People are eager to save energy and reduce carbon emissions.  Without the help of technology, they can only introduce energy consumption measures manually and apply previous knowledge and experience.  But the question is how effective are these measures?  Who technology can be introduced?  Can the costs of introducing the measures justified?  Who pays for them?  In recent years, different solutions are becoming available.  These represent varying degrees of automation and deliver different performance, depending how the relevant aspects of the buildings are being operated.

Neuron Digital Platform is developed to help buildings turning “green”. We develop a single centralized platform that combines AI and IoT to collect, analyze and generate insight to manage energy consumption and improve building performance. By digitizing the built environment, the building operators can achieve a lot more than just energy consumption. Our goal is to contribute to make Hong Kong a better, healthier city to live in and work.

13 May 2022