We are looking for someone innovative and with a deep curiosity for factors affecting the future of the built environment.

GIS 3D Web Application Developer

Job Descriptions:

    • Being responsible for developing 3D web applications based on standard 3D web mapping platforms e.g. Cesium 3D and gaming engines including Unreal and Unity, to visualise and communicate geospatial datasets to a wide variety of users;
    • Responsible for the GIS backend and front-end development on cloud-native environment;
    • Coordinate with the data engineers to visualize the real-time city data onto the GIS 3D web application;
    • Identify and apply new technologies, including developing 3D virtual cities and digital twins, new GIS data products and data science and insights services;
    • Developing solutions to integrate geospatial datasets into gaming engines to demonstrate the capabilities of GIS solutions to clients using both open source and proprietary software packages.


    • Relevant technical degree in GIS/Computer Science or a related Data Science course, 3D Web Development;
    • Experience in 3D global spatial data and information modelling and management especially 3D cities, digital twins, VR and AR solutions development;
    • Experience Gaming engine solutions platforms such as Unreal Engine, Unity etc;
    • Experience in Web development using programming languages and technologies such as JavaScript frameworks such as node.js, jQuery, ReactJS etc., HTML5, CSS and QT;
    • Experience in Programming languages such as Python, C#, C++ to develop robust web services and APIs (SOAP, REST, GeoJSON, JSON and XML) for data streaming services from a database environment to gaming platforms and interfaces with other software platforms;
    • Experience in Spatial databases such as PostgreSQL/PostGIS, MS SQL Spatial;
    • Experience in spatial data processing and spatial data management processes with strong emphasis on developing SQL scripts;
    • Proficiency in both written and spoken English and Chinese;
    • Interim student with strong interests will also be welcome.