ESG Product on the platform

Space Data DIY

Users can customise and create different space according to their needs.The space can be a building, a floor or a room. 

Carbon Emission Data Entry

In the created space, carbon emission data can be entered on a monthly basis. In order to make the data entering process more convenient, the system has already pre-set the carbon emission algorithm and factors in advance. Users only need to choose their belonging type and fill in the basis according to the guidelines. Then the concrete carbon emission data will automatically complete the calculation and show it on the table

Real-time Carbon Emission Data Display

The measured carbon emission data can be shown on the dashboard in real time. Users can customise the dashboard interface to their preferences, they can even select some special items for taking notice. 

Carbon Emission Reporting

Users can use the report function for presenting the carbon emission data, the system will base on the ESG-related carbon emission data requirement and include the carbon emission data from the user into the calculation to generate the report. The users also customise the disclosing time and scope of the report.