We are looking for someone innovative and with a deep curiosity for factors affecting the future of the built environment.

Data Scientist / AI Researcher

Job Descriptions:

    • Create, develop and maintain big data pipeline for the cloud data platform;
    • Apply big data analytic technologies to develop cloud native analytic algorithm for structured data, unstructured data, time series data and other IoT applications;
    • Conduct research on state-of-the-art technologies to solve business problems;
    • Working with our domain expert to develop unique AI algorithm for smart building and smart city applications;
    • Collaborate with academic, industry partners and customers to drive innovative and forward-looking AI technologies;
    • Research latest technologies and techniques of big data sources / deep learning and Machine Learning techniques;
    • Work with developers and application analysts within the team to deliver results to the clients in easy-to-understand format.


    • PhD / Master / Degree Holder in Computer Science or related discipline;
    • Experience in applying data analytics, data mining and machine learning;
    • Hands-on skills in Python and familiar with Tensorflow or PyTorch;
    • Experience in big data technologies, e.g. Spark, Hadoop, Flink and Kafka;
    • Experience in applying AI and big data in production environment will be an advantage;
    • Experience in IoT streaming and Time Series data applications will be an advantage;
    • Experience in cloud native application and AWS environment will be an advantage;
    • Experience in MLOps and DevOps will be an advantage;
    • Able to work independently coupled with strong interpersonal skills;
    • Proficiency in both written and spoken English and Chinese;
    • Interim student with strong interests will be welcome.